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Other Insects

Insect Control – Others
Stored Product Insects

Many insects are beneficial but some are troublesome and can cause problems for businesses and domestic houses. Stored product and textile pests are collective terms for a whole range of insects.

There are several different species of each. Some stored product insects can contaminate dried fruits and dried foods such as flour, biscuit products, pasta and dried pet foods etc.

  • In domestic properties any infestation found is likely to be caused by old or out of date food products being stored. If a large number of insects are found, the source of the problem needs to be removed. This would require a thorough inspection of all food products and removing the infested product in question, then applying a residual insecticidal treatment to kill off the adult insects that have migrated away from the food products.
  • In commercial properties such as bakeries, flour mills and other food storage and manufacturing warehouses, any infestation is more likely to be associated with spillage and food debris that has collected within the fabric of the building and the machinery used in the food manufacturing process. Stored product insect control can be achieved by good housekeeping and stock rotation.
Common stored product insects are:
  • Rust red and Confused flour beetle
  • Australian and Golden spider beetle
  • Mediterranean mill moth
  • Indian meal moth
  • Biscuit beetle
  • Larder beetle
  • Saw tooth grain beetle
  • Grain Weevil
Textile pests

Textile pests, as the name refers, are more associated with textiles such as cotton, wool, silk and bird nesting materials.

In domestic properties they are more associated with high quality carpets that contain a large percentage of cotton or wool fibres. The damage tends to be underneath items of furniture that are difficult to move on a regular basis when vacuuming.

Infestations can also migrate down into the house where birds have been nesting in the eaves of a property. In this case the bird nesting material will need to be removed and a residual insecticide applied and backed up by an insecticidal treatment to carpets and possibly wardrobes.

Common textile pests are:
  • Case bearing and Common clothes moth
  • Brown house moth
  • Varied carpet beetle
Brown House Moth Varied Carpet Beetle