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Cockroach Control Essex

Cockroaches don't just live in the jungle. Did you know there are two species of cockroach found commonly in the UK? These two are German cockroaches who will happily live in kitchens and other warm areas of houses in this country. As well as looking nasty they can also carry a number of harmful diseases and bacteria which can cause Salmonella, Gastroenteritis and other health problems. If you think you may have a cockroach problem, contact St George's Pest Control for advice.

Bees swarm in warm weather In Essex

Bees swarm in warm weather when a new queen is produced and a new colony is created. Often the swarm will move on in a few days until they find a suitable site to establish themselves. If you have a swarm of bees that has been in place for more than a few days, call St Georges Pest Control for advice.

Bedbug Treatments Chelmsford

We can help with all bedbug infestations with a rapid and discreet response.
Bed bugs make their home around bed frames and feed exclusively on human blood.

Call St Georges Pest Control Ltd on 01245 327274 to help restore a good nights sleep

Cluster Flies

During autumn and early winter it's common for us to get enquiries from customers whose houses are suddenly full of flies. At that time of year the problem often turns out to be cluster flies. During the summer months the larvae of these flies are parasite of earth worms but once the larvae pupate into the adult flies in the autumn, the adult look for a space to hibernate, which is often in a loft or around window frames.
Although the flies are harmless in themselves they can and do cause a nuisance. The good news is that we can quickly and effectively treat the problem. If you're being bothered by cluster flies, give us a call on 01245 327274 for a free no obligation quote.

Bird and Squirrel Proofing

Here at St George's Pest Control not only do we eradicate rodent & insect infestations, we also carry out proofing works against birds & squirrels to help prevent future re-infestation!
Here are some pictures of a job carried out earlier this week. Squirrels had chewed through the bird guard under the roof tiles, gained access into the loft space & caused damage internally, but fortunately we were called out at an early stage of infestation.
Our service provided was to eradicate the current problem internally & proofing works to be made once clear.
For all bird/squirrel control or proofing call St George's Pest Control on 01245 327274

Mole Trapping and Removal

Mole Trapping and Removal

Although relatively small moles can cause a lot of damage to lawns and create a hazard for both people and livestock. If you have moles on your property and want them removed quickly and efficiently, contact St George's Pest Control for a free quote on 01245 327274

Pigeon proofing Your solar panels

Pigeon proofing Your solar panels

We  were recently contacted by a customer who was having problems with feral pigeons roosting under the solar panels on their roof and causing a lot of mess. With many houses now having roof mounted solar panels this is becoming quite a common problem.  After conducting a free site survey we provided a quote for pigeon proofing the solar panels and the customer was happy for us to proceeded with the work.

Once completed the proofing kept the pigeons away and the customer was delighted with the quality of the work. If you are having problems with pigeons causing a mess on your property, give St George’s Pest Control a call on 01245 327274 for a free no obligation quote.

Flea Problems In Chelmsford

We were recently called into a school in the South East Essex area where the teacher and children were suffering from bites to their lower legs and ankles.

A quick survey identified the problem as fleas. Pets can often bring fleas into a home which can then be carried on people clothes to other locations. This was probably what happened in this case as several of the children in the class had cats and dogs at home.

Once in a property, fleas like to lay their eggs in areas that relatively undisturbed such as under furniture or in the carpet along skirting boards.

To clear the problem, once the children had left for the day, we treated the classroom and advised any parent with pets at home to check them for fleas and have them treated if necessary. This successfully cured the problem.

If you think you might be suffering from fleas, call St Georges Pest Control on 01245 327274 for a free no obligation quote.

Rodent Control Essex

Rats and mice can be a problem at any time of year but especially so during the winter months.

Cold weather and the reduced availability of natural food make it more likely these unwanted visitors will seek food and shelter in homes and businesses. This winter we are seeing a steady stream of rodent problems reported to us across Essex.

Here at St George’s Pest Control we guarantee to cure your rodent problem for a fixed price and give you the assurance of a one month guarantee once your property is rodent free.

If you are having problems with rats or mice this winter, Call St George’s Pest Control on 01245 327274 for a free quote.

New Website is Live!

We here at St George Pest Control are happy to have our new website live!!!!!! This new website will help us give our customers more information and allow us to communicate with our clients across several platforms including mobile devices!